Due to business expansion, One Scientific have recently acquired a second building and I am pleased to say we have now been granted multi-site accreditation by UKAS for microbiological testing.
At this time, the new building is housing our office functions only and there has been no change to any aspects of sample testing. However, as we now have multi-site accreditation, we will be re-locating our sample reception in to the new building on Monday 15th January 2018. As of this date, could you please ensure that all sample deliveries arranged by yourself (either drop-off, courier or Royal Mail) are made to the below address:

One Scientific Ltd
Unit 3
Avon Riverside Estate
Victoria Road
Bristol BS11 9DB

If you are delivering samples by hand, upon arrival at Unit 3 please push the doorbell to the right-hand side of the roller door, underneath the purple “Goods Inward” sign. We have free on-site parking and although this can be limited at times, there is sufficient space in front of the roller door for parking whilst delivering samples.
Please note, our registered trading address has not changed (Unit F, 7A4 Victoria Road, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 9DB) and this remains the location of the microbiology laboratory.
Please see below map showing the proximity of the 2 buildings. On the map, the location marked in orange (top of the map) is the laboratory (Unit F) and “One Scientific Ltd”, marked in blue, shows the location of the new building (Unit 3) which houses offices and sample reception only. The distance between the two buildings is only approximately a 1 minute drive, so once samples have been registered for testing in our sample reception (Unit 3) they will then be transported to the laboratory (Unit F) for testing using a company vehicle suitable for the sample type (either ambient or refrigerated van as appropriate). Please be assured this procedure has been written in to our Quality System to ensure sample integrity is not compromised, and this has been reviewed by UKAS.
Our UKAS scope of accreditation has been re-issued to reflect these changes (Issue 27). Please see the “Downloads” page of our website:


Map showing locations of the two buildings:

We will be sure to keep you updated with any further changes, as 2018 is going to be an exciting year for us here at One Scientific! However, if you require any additional information at this time, please do not hesitate to phone through on the main office number (0117 938 2410).

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