Food Labelling and Product Specification

Food labelling and the Regu­la­tions asso­ci­ated with it can be a mine­field for food manu­fac­turers and suppliers, often busi­nesses don’t have the resources to deal with this vital area them­selves in-house.

One Scien­tific can help free up your time by providing this service if required, you can call on our knowl­edge­able exper­tise to help answer any issue from a small QUID query to a large product launch.

  • Label checks
  • Product spec­i­fi­ca­tions
  • QUID calcu­la­tions
  • Product devel­op­ment legality advice
  • Taste panels
  • Cooking instruc­tion verifications
consultancy labelling DSC 6586

Real Time and Accelerated Shelf-life Evaluations

Shelf life deter­mi­na­tion is essen­tial when devel­oping new food prod­ucts. When time constraints are limited some form of shelf-life predic­tion is useful.

One Scien­tific performs real time’ and accel­er­ated’ shelf-life testing; the latter is a useful predic­tive tool for both NPD and troubleshooting.

Challenge Testing

Chal­lenge testing can simu­late what could happen to a product following inoc­u­la­tion with rele­vant micro-organism(s) and storage under the repre­sen­ta­tive conditions.

Alleged Food Poisoning Investigations

When a consumer claims an alleged illness after consuming food it is impor­tant to everyone involved to find out whether their complaint is justified.

One Scien­tific can offer specialist advice and testing should this situ­a­tion occur.
consultancy challenge testing DSC 4878

Foreign Body Analysis

Detailed analysis of foreign bodies is vital to deter­mine if the cont­a­m­i­na­tion occurred during manu­fac­ture, or in the consumer’s home.

One Scien­tific use a combi­na­tion of microscopy and chem­ical tech­niques to analyse and iden­tify foreign bodies and provide a detailed analysis report. This allows manu­fac­turers to perform the neces­sary actions to ensure the integrity of the product is upheld and, where possible, prevent cont­a­m­i­na­tion from happening again.